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Introduction to Cannabis Cultivation

Focusing on horticultural practices, plant sciences, pest management, greenhouse production, etc. 
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Benefits of our training programs

All About You

Our goal is to help our clients overcome the many challenges involved when it pertains to growing high-quality cannabis. We want to work with you to identify your specific problems and challenges in your intended grow environment and create a specialized growing strategy, just for you. Everything down to the equipment, the genetics, the soil medium, nutrient feeding plan, and lighting solutions / lighting schedule, we are there to help you with. 24/7, 365 days a year for our clients. Whether you are a complete beginner to growing or you have been cultivating for decades, CannaCall Solutions can help you dial in your grow to perfection.

The Technical Stuff

We get it. Growing cannabis can be super overwhelming before you learn the ropes. That's why we're here to help. We'll take care of all the technical logistics for you, whether it be finding a grow tent that is suitable for your home, hunting down the perfect cultivar with a terpene profile specifically matched to your tastes, providing you with a custom soil mixture, or figuring out the best nutrient options for the health of your plant, we've got you covered. We're happy to accommodate whatever growing style works best for you, and we want to help you make it the best it can be.

Our Expertise

Our team is comprised of graduated and current students of the SUNY Morrisville Horticultural Business Management and Cannabis Studies programs. This program is the first state-sponsored cannabis education program in the country. Our team also has access to a dedicated research facility at the university provided to our founding members as students of the university in order to conduct cannabis research projects as part of an innovative special projects program which allows us to constantly expand our knowledge and understanding of the plant and new industry standards and techniques.
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Get to know us

The Team

Sidney Barrett

President and Founder of CannaCall Solutions, Sidney is one of the first individuals to receive the Cannabis Studies degree from SUNY Morrisville. She also received a BA in Horticultural Business Management as well as an A.A.S in Greenhouse Production. She is certified by the DEC in private pesticide application.

Ted Snowberger

Director of Marketing & Customer Outreach and Founder of CannaCall Solutions, Ted is also pursuing his BA in Horticultural Business Management in conjunction with both an A.A.S in Horticulture as well as the Cannabis Studies degree from SUNY Morrisville. Additionally, both Ted and Kyle are personally conducting individual cannabis research projects at the university in a dedicated facility in the Horticulture Department as part of a special project program.

Kyle Stack

Head of Research & Development and Founder of CannaCall Solutions, Kyle is currently attending SUNY Morrisville to pursue his BA in Horticultural Business Management as well as his A.A.S in Horticulture and the Cannabis Studies degree.